Taking Time to Take Time

There’s a lot to be said for the satisfaction of a job well done.

Plan – Execute – Complete: It’s kind of become my mantra in the last couple of years.

After taking nearly a year off work, I made a return to the Mechanic’s Workshop in Sheffield but not on the same amount of hours as before.

One of the many things that I gained in my time away was a new perspective on my work/life balance and how I wanted it to be in the future. You see, although I might have lost a leg in the accident, I could have lost a lot more.

In the midst of my recovery, one of the recurring thoughts that spurred me on was that if I’d been driving just a few miles per hour faster, or if I’d been hit from a slightly different angle, I might not be here at all to write this blog.

Although I’ve always enjoyed working in the garage, I realised that spending 40-50 hours a week there wasn’t how I wanted to spend the rest of my life. Working on cars, bringing them back to life, and straightening out their kinks has always been a passion of mine; but I’ve come to realise that it can’t be the only thing that I do with my life.

Up until the accident my wife worked part-time.

Whilst I took some time off to get my head straight and do my physical therapy she moved over to full time, something she thought she’d never enjoy doing. But, much to her surprise, she picked up my slack and found that she loved being busier.

With our lifestyle essentially switched around I’ve now got an extra 20 hours at home during the week to do all of the little jobs and tasks that have been nagging me at the back of my head for the last year or so.

You might think that I’d got something done whilst I’d spent half a year on my arse – but in truth, I was spending most of the time vacantly staring out the window – time well spent

Now I’ve got the time (and the motivation!) to achieve the goals that I set out, I’ve started to make some changes around the house and get a little hands-on with some modifications that needed to be made.

Since my return to mental well being after cooking for my wife, I’ve taken a much greater interest in improving my culinary skills (much to her alarm…) but the kitchen proved to be rather difficult to navigate with only one leg.

Whilst we’ve got a man in making the necessary changes, we’re also getting the oven seen to. I may or may not have caused a slight fire in there during the first few weeks of my new cooking phase – either way a few¬†lamona oven repairs are definitely required.

Along with fixing up the Capri and spending a few hours with the basketball team, I’ve kind of got my hands full now and I couldn’t be happier.

Let’s just hope that the new kitchen survives my new interest in it!

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