Who Am I?

My name is Matthew Goddard – I’m a happily married Engine Mechanic, living and working in Sheffield.

Following a serious Roadside Traffic Incident in 2015, I lost the use of my right leg rendering me an amputee.

With the help and support of my co-workers, medical team and loving wife, I have been able to learn not just to survive as a paraplegic but to thrive.

My road to recovery, both mental and physical, was one fraught with challenges. The seismic change that losing a limb brings about on person should not be underestimated. It affects every person in a different way – and I would never dream of giving advice to anyone in a situation with even a passing similarity.

This website will be a place for me to collect my thoughts and discoveries, on living as a recovering amputee.

There is no rulebook for this learning process.

I can’t tell you how to live better.

All I can do is recount the tools and methods that helped me, in the hope that they will help inspire you to build a Disability Toolkit of your own.